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What is ReFi?

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Episode notes

In this episode John and Simar take a chance to pause and unpack, what is ReFi? Taking a look at the origin of the movement, the core concepts, ideas, and technology that make it possible, but above all provide a resounding invitation to all who want to do their part in this #climate symphony to make a difference.. 00:00 Intro 03:12 So what is ReFi? 05:11 What is money? 11:49 The notion of interest 14:00 What’s next for how we think about the internet? 15:32 Sandbox of experimentation 20:27 Reflow of value, offsetting 24:05 DAOs 29:58 Hurdle of adoption for these new tools 32:30 MRV 34:34 What is a blockchain? 35:05 What is a smart contract? 39:38 Game theory of fossil fuel emissions 41:30 Individual empowerment through blockchain technology 43:33 The Carbon Market within ReFi 47:39 Measuring other planetary health factors beyond carbon 51:15 The story of self 58:30 The potential future we hope for -------------------------------------------- Join the conversation on Twitter, follow: Thanks to our friends at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production: