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The Next Wave of ReFi Is Here! β”‚ Season 3 Episode 25 🎧

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Episode notes

In this insightful episode, join host John Ellison as he delves deep into the regenerative finance (ReFi) movement, exploring its intersection with climate action and Web 3 technology.

John shares his gratitude for the journey so far and his excitement for what lies ahead. We start with a retrospective look at the progress and challenges faced by the ReFi community during the bear market of 2022 and 2023, highlighting projects that have successfully maintained momentum.

As we move into 2024 and beyond, our host discusses the emerging surge of interest and enthusiasm that is shaping the future of ReFi. This episode also covers the significant shifts in the mainstream acceptance of digital assets, including Bitcoin ETFs and the anticipation of Ethereum ETFs, which are likely to introduce a cascade of new financial instruments.Furthermore, John shares personal reflections from his recent mini-sabbatical, offering insights gained from time spent in nature and conversations with diverse leaders outside the traditional ReFi space.

Key narratives expected to drive the ReFi movement towards greater impact and adoption are introduced, along with core concepts that underpin the movement. For newcomers and OGs alike, this episode provides valuable ideas and insights to deepen engagement with ReFi. Don’t miss this comprehensive analysis of where ReFi stands today and its promising direction forward.

A special thanks to Marcio Vilela for the beautiful art photography on the wall from his Superflora collection in the Amazon.






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