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Climate Impact Staking with Helena and Doug from Spirals Protocol

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Episode notes

In this episode of ReFi Podcast, John and Simar are joined by Helena and Doug, and they really dig down on everything Spirals Protocol, which uses yield generated from staking on Celo and directs the flow towards climate positive projects.. 00:00 Intro 04:13 What is Spirals protocol? 05:46 How Doug met Helena, A ReFi story.. 12:07 What’s been learned around the launch? 15:51 High value climate impact projects 21:34 Spirals user experience 25:31 Governance 26:00 Passive/Active staking 26:45 Yield sources? 29:21 Rollout phases 32:37 Natural asset backed treasury 33:48 Explosion of DMRV 36:20 Funding and shared visions 38:30 Biggest dream o what this could become? 40:18 This is opt-in 42:39 Founder's life/ ReFi Bubble 46:53 CTA Follow Helena and Doug, and check out Spirals Protocol: Website:  On Twitter: Helena on Twitter: Doug on Twitter: -------------------------------------------- Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:  Thanks to our friends at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production: