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Impact Hyperstructures with Kevin from Gitcoin

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On episode 4 of ReFi Podcast Season Two, John chats with Kevin Owocki, founder of Gitcoin and thought leader working to incentivize public goods. We explore Kevin’s story, dive into what it means to take the “Green Pill”, and learn all about Kevin’s vision for how web3 can solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Recorded live at SBS in Paris..

00:00 Intro 01:56 Quadratic Funding History 04:30 Why we launched GTC 08:10 Gitcoin Passports 10:47 The idea of ‘Lunar Punk’ 13:28 Green Pill 16:33 What kind of world are our kids going to grow up in? 18:22 Galaxy brain ideas into memes. 22:00 Local people are best to solve problems 23:55 Quadratic funding in Colorado during pandemic 25:28 Why blockchain is well positioned to solve global communication failure 29:00 Spinning the flywheel of sybil resistance 30:00 Web3 has to provide mainstream utility 34:04 ‘Carbon credits’ for poverty reduction, biodiversity restoration 36:44 Solar punk & web3 ready to bear fruit 39:20 Why Kevin stood down from leadership at Gitcoin 44:00 What can we do to help? 47:14 Advice for a young entrepreneur? 50:38 Ideas are fun but stressful 52:38 How do you manage a business of this size? 54:30 Hyperstructures

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