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Episode notes

In this week's episode Jonny chats to Rangan Chatterjee, a man who's approach to life is based on integrity, compassion and curiosity. These values can be seen across all of Rangan's work, as a podcaster, best selling author and practicing doctor.   

This conversation centres around compassion and regaining the ability in our lives to simply 'be'. Jonny and Rangan go into depth on a range of topics including re-defining the metrics of contemporary health, training in healthcare, and investigating our reliance upon labels for understanding who we are. Jonny and Rangan also discuss the benefits of becoming more interested in our ‘being’ than in our ‘doing’ - and how being more consciously aware of how we are feeling has the potential unlock so much pleasure and joy.

To find out more about why Rangan Chatterjee resonated with Jonny when he was exploring this topic, please check out the previous episode “What Am I … when I am Healthy?”

Rangan's new book 'Happy Mind, Happy Life: 10 Simple Ways To Feel Great Every Day' is released on the 31st March 2022 and to keep up with latest news head to https://drchatterjee.com 

Rangan's on Twitter @drchatterjeeuk and Instagram @drchatterjee

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