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Going Nuclear with Rolls-Royce CEO

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Episode notes

Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden and BBC 5 Live’s Felicity Hannah are on a mission to help you make the best and greenest use of your money. This week they talk to the boss of engine maker Rolls-Royce about when zero emissions flight will become a reality. As well as making the engines which power 40% of the world’s long haul aircraft, Rolls-Royce is also designing a new generation of small nuclear reactors. The government thinks these new mini reactors will play a big part in powering our homes and factories in the future. So how safe are they and how much will they cost us? Also, Fliss finds out about Deborah’s “plastic box of shame” and as always the pair tackle a listener question. This week it’s about palm oil. What is it, why does it seem to be in everything and should we be worried about it? Plus they hear about the company hoping its sustainable clothing will boost UK textile manufacturing. Featuring Warren East, Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Officer; Brendan May, founder of Robertsbridge and Patrick Grant, Founder Community Clothing Producer: Lexy O’Connor Studio manager: Joe Leates Digital videos: Samhar Gowhar Executive producer Natasha Johansson Series editor: Justin Bones