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Figures of Baghdad | EP 2 | Who was Al-Mahani?

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Episode notes

In medieval Baghdad, there was a particular focus on two elements of knowledge expansion: recording existing principles, and further expanding on this knowledge through experimentation. Al-Mahani represents a key figure in this transitional period of scholarship, translating and commenting upon Euclidean geometry, as well as laying the mathematical groundwork for future astrologists and scientists.

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Written by: Ali A Olomi

Hosted by: Ali A Olomi, Deana Hassanein

Mixing and editing: Adrien Le Blond, Jimmy Bardin

Pre-existing music: Music from Assassin’s Creed Mirage (Original Game Soundtrack) by Brendan Angelides, and from Walissarābi Minnal‘irfān (A Tribute To Mirage).

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