21st Century Solutions ... According to Kaylyn and Ramsey

By Kaylyn and Ramsey

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So what’s gonna fix the 21st Century? According to a proud Millennial and a wizened Gen-Xer that’s a pretty complicated answer. Kaylyn and Ramsey are the Directors of Lending Partnerships for ezSolarLoan, a leading source of financing for residential solar energy, and funded by BankHere, a not-for-profit credit union personal banking platform. They talk both dollars and sense when it comes to addressing sustainability issues of our day. Kaylyn believes her generation has gotten a bad rap, and the clean-up from decades of excess have fallen to them. Ramsey believes that consolidation into basically Big Everything is a Big Problem, and that it's practically impossible to get the truth about what’s really going on, let alone get people to agree on things. They both believe that community-based solutions like installing solar and batteries on homes is how people can become producers and not just consumers. “21st Century Solutions … According to Kaylyn and Ramsey” is more than just a plug for solar lending or credit unions. It’s a glimpse into Kaylyn’s and Ramsey’s motivations and perspectives, and an invitation to help save the world.

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