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Simon Thomas and Julia Samuel on Coping with Grief

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Episode notes

In this episode of the Dear Deidre podcast, Sally Land is joined by sports broadcaster Simon Thomas and psychotherapist and grief expert Julia Samuel MBE to give advice on how to handle grief.

They’ll be addressing letters on how to manage the feeling of replacement and abandonment, what to do when a shocking secret comes out about a loved one who has passed away and they shed light on how to stop feeling guilty for loving again after the former love of your life dies. 


00:00: Sally introduces Simon and Julia onto the podcast.

07:45: Simon and Julia share their advice to those who want to help a loved one who is grieving.

14:45: Simon and Julia share how to help a child navigate grief.

25:20: 1st letter, from a man who is struggling to love again after losing the former love of his life.

32:35: 2nd letter, from a girl who is struggling with the feelings of replacement since her dad has found a new love after her mum has died.

39:20: 3rd letter, from a woman who has been covertly sent damaging secrets about her husband after he passed away.

45:15: Simon and Julia share their biggest piece of advice when going through a bereavement.

47:20: Goodbyes 

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