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The Doorways to Choosing your Own Adventure

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Episode notes

Instead of making decisions based on what “makes sense,” I invite you to tap into your other senses to help you live the life you secretly crave. Often, we rely solely on our analytical minds to make choices, but doing so usually limits our understanding of the opportunities that truly align with our desires. 

In this episode, we consider a hallway of doors, as I encourage you to embrace your senses, trust your gut feelings, and acknowledge your intuition in decision-making. There is so much power available to us when we listen to our other senses and not just our minds.

What You’ll Learn:

- Understand the concept of using multiple senses, intuition, and gut feelings to make choices.

- Discover the value of embracing decisions that don't always make sense on paper.

- Explore the idea of a "choose your own adventure" life where various doorways are available for exploration.

- How science has recently proven that we have a sixth sense

Uncover the secrets to more mindful and intuitive decision-making. Join me as we navigate a hallway of doors, embracing choices that resonate with our senses and open up new, exciting pathways. 🚪✨


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