Charis Your Life with Charis Santillie

Hacking Your Path through the Jungle of Change

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Episode notes

Remember the 80s movie, “Romancing the Stone” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner?

Today I’m sharing how a scene from that film provides a vivid metaphor for the process of change. I explore the challenge of breaking away from patterned thoughts and behaviors, likening it to Michael Douglas's character, Jack, when he was hacking through a jungle in a storm with his machete. Understanding this visual can offer perspective and compassion when you’re struggling with change.

What You'll Learn:

- The significance of neural pathways and their role in shaping our behaviors.

- Why breaking away from familiar patterns can feel as challenging as carving a path with a machete through a dense jungle.

- How intuition plays a vital role in navigating change.

- The importance of compassion for yourself and others when facing the difficulties of transformation.


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