Charis Your Life with Charis Santillie

Pulling the Weeds from Your Life

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Episode notes

In this episode, I draw inspiration from more gardening metaphors — this time, they are specifically connected to weeding and cleaning up our outdoor potted succulent garden. 

As I removed dead leaves, uprooted weeds, and trimmed spent flower stalks, simple lessons emerged around decluttering our lives, addressing intrusive elements of our lives, and embracing the cyclical nature of our own growth.

What You'll Learn:

- Discover the meaningful insights that some more (yep! I just can’t stop finding these!) gardening metaphors can offer for personal growth and addressing life's challenges

- Understand the significance of decluttering while embracing our natural phases

- Learn valuable lessons about addressing the “weeds” of our lives and the deliberate, gradual effort required to remove them

- Gain insights into the importance of slowing down, listening to your intuition, and embracing life's ebb and flow

- Discover the value of coaching in navigating life's complexities and applying these lessons effectively

Explore the wisdom of the garden as I share insights from tending to outdoor potted plants. 


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