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How to Adjust after Life-Changing Events

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Episode notes

In this episode, I'm excited to share some insights that surfaced during the recent monthly call inside my Busy to Balanced™ program. One of my members had asked for guidance with finding balance after a life-changing event. A beautiful metaphor spontaneously emerged, and I'm eager to share it with you. 

This episode highlights the importance of nurturing ourselves during times of significant change, drawing a comparison to transplanting plants and offering valuable tips for embracing new life circumstances.

What You’ll Learn:

- Discover a powerful metaphor of transplanting plants and how it relates to navigating significant life changes

- Understand the need for extra care and self-nurturing when facing life-altering events

- Learn practical strategies to find your way in any new “environment,” just like a transplanted plant

- Gain insights into exploring core values during periods of transformation

- Get a glimpse into the interactive and supportive environment of my Busy to Balanced program's monthly calls

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Looking to find balance and peace during life's shakeups? Join me as I unveil the plant-inspired metaphor that sheds light on nurturing ourselves through change. 🌱✨


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