EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ellie Downie, Team GB gymnast “I don't regret my decision to speak out“

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Episode notes

To make this shock announcement, Team GB Gymnast, Ellie Downie, is speaking to Dr Alex exclusively, on a stomp in Battersea Park.

Ellie won her first national gymnastics competition at 9 years old and has gone on to dedicate her life to the sport. 

In 2017, after competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ellie became the first British gymnast to win the all-round title at the European Championships.

Becoming a gymnast as decorated as Ellie takes immense time, dedication and support however in 2020, alongside her sister Becky who is also a Team GB gymnast, Ellie released a statement that described ‘abusive behaviours’ that became part of their daily life.

This statement went on to change the course of Ellie’s career forever.

In a bid to tell her side of the story, Ellie has chosen to speak exclusively on the Stompcast, to break the news of her major announcement.


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