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EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Dorries on the 'disgusting' Tory Party chair

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Overnight, Richard Holden, The Tory Party chair parachuted himself into the safe seat of Basildon & Billericay. Which is 280 miles away from his former seat - North West Durham.

Today, his former colleague and former Tory cabinet minister tells us why he's 'disgusting', and what she thinks will happen to Rishi's Tory party now. Does she accept that the rot set in with the lies, hypocrisy and calumny of Boris Johnson?

You'll find out.

Editor: Tom Hughes

Senior Producer: Gabriel Radus

Producer: Zeynel Can Yuce

Social Media Editor: Georgia Foxwell

Video Production: : Rory Symon, Shane Fennelly & Arvind Badewal

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