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This is the podcast where we explore why and how Black British lives matter –What it means to be Black and British, our culture, our joy and our pain.

This week we discuss why Black British Mental Health Matters with the highly acclaimed actor David Harewood and journalist and documentary maker Marverine Cole. With Black Britons four times more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act this is one of the most pressing issues affecting our communities. Our guests talk about the reality behind the shocking stats, their own personal mental health experiences and whether living in Britain is bad for our mental health.

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David Harewood

Twitter: @DavidHarewood

Instagram: @davidharewood

David Harewood’s BBC Two documentary is ‘Psychosis and Me’

Marverine Cole

Twitter: @TVMarv

Instagram: @tvmarv

Marverine Cole’s BBC Radio 4 documentary is ‘Black Girls Don’t Cry’

Marcus Ryder is on Twitter @marcusryder

Lenny Henry is also on Twitter @LennyHenry


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