BARONESS DOREEN LAWRENCE: A 30th anniversary pledge for Stephen

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Doreen was born in Clarendon, in Jamaica, and moved to London in 1962. She worked as a bank clerk before marrying and settling happily into family life. But on the 22nd April 1993 her eldest child Stephen was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack. Though five suspects were quickly identified to police, it took nearly twenty years for only two men to be sentenced for murder.

A year after these convictions, Doreen took her seat in the House of Lords, and she continues to hold those in power to account and to advocate for marginalised voices in the UK. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Stephen’s death and Doreen is inviting everyone to make a pledge on Saturday 22nd April. To commit to taking one positive action, in Stephen’s name. Through sharing Stephen’s story, she wants to celebrate the extraordinary things that can be achieved by ordinary people and to inspire young people to realise their potential.


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