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Should clubs BAN players with too many general play scores from competitions?

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Episode notes

We’ll bet this chat is going on right now somewhere in your clubhouse. How can you make golf as accessible as possible but feel confident you’re protecting the integrity of competitions?

This is a question England Golf have grappled with, and we get stuck into it on this week’s episode of The NCG Podcast.

Steve Carroll is joined by James Crampton, England Golf’s director of championships, and the pair talk about the governing body’s competition entry policy, which can deny entry to players where competition and general play scores don’t match up.

We also get into their new pace of play policy, where checkpoints are now used to monitor round times. Could a similar system speed up the game at your club?

And fresh off an eventful Brabazon Trophy, on and off the course, James gives us an insight into the work of his busy department.

It’s a compelling listen with plenty of talking points!