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S1. Ep 3. Preeti Shetty, Web3 in Women's Sport and for Social Good

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Episode notes

On Episode 3 of the Sporting Crypto Podcast I was joined by Preeti Shetty!

Preeti is:- The CEO of Upshot System- Director at Brentford Football Club- Advisor at READY- Vice Chair of Street Child United- Director of London Sport - Board member of Women in Football’s Board Committee

She is one of the most influential people in sport and has had a huge impact on football, women’s sport and sustainability in sport.

She fell down the Web3 rabbit hole a few years ago and never really came back up. This led her to become an advisor at READY, a women’s sports community and consultancy that focuses on Web3.

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01:07 Introduction01:55 What sparked your interest in Web3 & crypto? 05:41 Career path up until now09:15 When was the first time you heard Web3 being mentioned? 11:53 How can Web3 solve issues in sports right now? 15:27 Accessible integration of NFTs for mass adoption 17:44 First feeling towards Web3 & finding community 19:52 How have the conversations around Web3 & sports changed in recent times? 22:29 Catering direction of travel within Web3 to your needs 24:11 Who's responsible for decisions made about Web3 in organisations right now? 26:24 READY & education around innovation, technology & Web3 27:12 Supercharging women's sport 29:31 How receptive has the women's game been to Web3? 30:42 Angel City FC & Web3 integration 32:45 Over-commercialisation 35:06 Unbundling36:08 Knowing the value of women's football37:44 The importance of brand association39:14 The issue with sports fans & crypto 40:43 Breaking the ties of NFTs & lack of education 42:25 Biggest misconceptions of crypto & Web3 45:34 Rebranding crypto & Web3 46:56 Onboarding people & changing the stigma50:19 Building understanding within brands entering the space 53:07 Regulation 54:44 Importance of new frameworks making things easier 57:26 Self-sovereign identity 60:33 Digital identity & digital ownership 62:41 What's overhyped right now? 63:47 Fixing governance problems & funding teams 64:50 Fan involvement 66:44 How will Web3 impact your career in near future?

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