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UK general election: how to get ready for the next government - BONUS EPISODE

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Episode notes

Welcome to this special edition of Government Transformed in which we look at the key issues in the UK general election and how civil servants will be working to get ready for the next government.

The general election will be held on 4 July, with parties setting out their vision for the future of the country.

That means that right now, civil servants are working on ‘day one’ documents for new ministers who will be appointed after votes are cast. These briefings will highlight the key issues that the next government will have to deal with, and set out the path to implement key policies.

Richard Johnstone, the executive editor of Global Government Forum, Leading Questions podcast host Siobhan Benita and the former Director General, Government Digital Service Kevin Cunnington, discuss the policy battleground in this election; the issues the next prime minister will inherit – whoever they are – and what will be happening in Whitehall right now as officials observe the campaign.

As this is a very topical conversation, recorded earlier this week, and we wanted to share this with you on this feed – we hope you enjoy.


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