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Murder for Girls make their second appearance on Build the Scene with their first appearance on 3 Questions and a Song. They are here to talk about their new release, Nine Stories.

* What is the best pizza that you've had because you are a musician?
* If you could take a DeLorean back in time, what band would you check out?
* Who is your Dave Grohl?
* Which Murder for Girls song should help re-populate the Earth?
* What non-standard venue would you like to play?
* I'm driving our tour bus, what is the soundtrack of your tour?
* What would you sell your soul to the Devil for?
* What is your song, "Monster" about?
* If you were forming a band from the local scene to manage, who would you put in the band?
* Where can people find you online? www.murderforgirls.com
* What is coming up for Murder with Girls?

About Murder for Girls
Genre: punk
Location: Pittsburgh, PA US

Murder for Girls is a harmonious quartet from Pittsburgh, formed in 2013. Combining elements of punk, indie, garage and grunge, their sound has been described as a “catchy, melodic concoction that’s of its own thing.” Following up the Tommy Stinson (The Replacements/Guns ‘N Roses) produced “Done In The Dark” recording released in 2020, this is the band's fourth full-length release “Nine Stories”. Believed to be their most creative, most mature, most unified album yet, and the first one on vinyl, courtesy of Katzulhu Productions. These Steel City songstresses have shared the stage with such musical legends as MC5, Shonen Knife, Bob Mould, Richie Ramone, and Bash and Pop... Sometimes punky, sometimes riotous, sometimes balladeering. Always rocking. They'll break your heart and you'll love them for it. Formed in 2013, featuring members, then and now, of Bunny Five Coat, Smoothbrain, Blindsider, Paris Green, Liverball, and Zits of America.
About the song, "Monster"
Monster - the title track off the newest recording Nine Stories. It is about someone love bombing you and then ruining your life.

* Where to find them:


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