3 Questions and a Song / Kamyee B 3QS049

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Episode notes

Kamyee B and her take on 3 Questions and a Song on episode 49

* When I was doing my research something came up a few times that caught my attention. You say that you are an artist and not a rapper. What is the difference between those two things in your mind?
* If you were going to get on stage with your favorite artist, who would you join and what songs would you want to perform?
* What inspires you, what do you find that really makes you want to write about the topics that you write about? - asked by Justin of Days to Come in Episode 048

About Kamyee B
Genre: Hip-Hop
Location: Macomb, Illinois

* Where to find her:

I’m 17 years old and I’m a independent upcoming artist. I’ve been doing music for really as long as I can remember, I love music so much and it’s really the one thing that I was always decent at. My dream is to just really be heard.
About the Song, Slogan
It’s just about how real recognize real but sometimes real can also be blinded my fake people so just got to stay focus and keep staying real.