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Finnish rockers, Killburn, join Bill for their debut on 3 Questions and a Song.

* I first learned of your band on XRP Radio, but how did you come to know about XRP?
* When did you know that you wanted to be in a band?
* Who would you say has been your biggest supporter as a musician?
* If you were selling your soul to the devil to further your band, what would you be getting in return?
* If you could go back in time and watch any band perform, which band would it be and why?
* Who is your Dave Grohl?
* What non-standard venue would you like to play at?
* Who wins the next episode of Friendly Fire?

About Killburn
Genre: Rock
Location: Vaasa, Finland
A fresh rock band from Vaasa, Finland. We play hard rock, with nuances from many genres of music. Formed in autumn of 2019 by a quartet of musicians already with a solid background in playing in bands. We started to do live shows in winter 2020, until the COVID-19 messed up the plans to rock more than we hoped for. So we focused on making new songs and rehearsing our performance. We are energetic live and do our very best to be an entertaining, skillful and interesting act and we give 100% every time on stage.
About the song, OK
OK was written during the darkest moments of Covid-19 pandemic. Song wrote itself quite quickly after a few riffs at rehearsals and is an essential Killburn song. Riffing guitar and bass, strong vocals, and blasting drumming. Lyrically it is sharing the frustration of the moment, comforting and a hope for better times. Song was recorded early 2022 and released in May the same year. Artwork is our first non-digitally created and we love what Juha Lindholm (the artist) created for us, really captures the feeling of the song.

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