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Episode notes

Sean O'Donnell, of Six O'Matic joins Bill on episode 76 of 3 Questions and a Song.

* How did you get started on the Bag Pipes.
* Who is your Dave Dave Grohl?
* Have you ever recorded bagpipe tracks for another musician?
* DeLorean, who are you hanging out with?
* If you could play at any venue with any band, who and where?
* Have you ever interacted with any famous musicians?
* Creative place that you'd like to play at?
* What is the best pizza you've eaten because you are a musician?
* Which of your songs could help the people of Earth re-populate after an apocalyptic event?
* Who are your influences?
* What song do you wish you would have written?
* What I've always wondered about bagpipes  is that the tones linger for so long, is that actual breath control or is there something inherent in the instrument that makes the notes go that long? asked by Caleb Straus on episode 75.
* What do you have coming up next?
*  Where can people find your music or hire you to play the bagpipes?

About Six O'Matic
Six O’Matic is a Pittsburgh-based musician and producer who blends a background in traditional Scottish bagpipe training with the aesthetics of influences ranging ambient to Appalachian. His music has been described as “an interesting and expansive sound” and “a bit too out there for my taste.”
About the Song, Out of Cream Cheese
Out of Cream Cheese features electronic bagpipes as one of the lead instruments. A celebratory track, its up-tempo drive and “kitchen-piping” looseness pair together like sweet cakes and savory pies.

* Where to find Six O'Matic: