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Charlie Barath, a Hohner Harmonica's Artist, joins Bill to introduce you to his upcoming album.

* History Lesson: How did the harmonica become your instrument of choice? At what point did you decide to take it a step forward and play in a band with the harmonica? You can see the respect that other musicians have for you on stage.
* If you could speak to 1 musician in the history of music, who would you want to talk to and what 1 question would you most want answered?
* Are you close with Tony Holiday? Have you ever played a show with him? Asked by Davy Williamson on episode #58.

Check out Charlie's weekly show, Car-Tunes, on his Facebook page.
About Charlie Barath
Genre: Blues, Roots, Americana, Classic Country, Western Swing
Band Location: Monaca, PA, USA

* Where to find them:

Hohner Artist, Charlie Barath, is a singer, songwriter, and musician well versed in traditional American music styles. He's been studying and playing the diatonic Harmonica since the late 70s, as well as teaching the techniques crucial to obtaining proficiency on his humble instrument. The diversity of Charlie's writing and playing styles demonstrates the wide variety of influence from those traditional American art forms, be it Blues, Classic Country, Western Swing, Oldtime, Americana, or Gospel.
About the song, Ollie, Ollie
Ollie Ollie is the quintessential song about growing up in small town USA. All the images portrayed in this piece are experiences that I, along with countless other Americans, have lived at some point in life. Even now, I 􀉤nd myself transported back in time to that little town in Southeastern Ohio whenever I listen to this track.

This was a songwriting collaboration that I did with my good friend, Gary Vincent, at his recording studio in Clarksdale, MS.