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Hitler, Copperfaced Jack & Bodysnatching - The real history of Stephens Green. 50/13

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Stephen’s Green is one of Dublin’s well known areas. Located in the heart of the city centre, the Green is home to several prestigous instiutions and businesses including the Royal College of Surgeons, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Shelbourne Hotel. 

It's history however is very different. Originally a swampy marshland, it was home to numerous brothels and the city gallows. In this podcast I am joined by historian Frank Hopkins to explore the history of St Stephen's Green. 

We begin on the gallows as Frank explains how public executions were a form of entertainment for many Dubliners. Then moving through the centuries Frank explains who the notorious bodysnatchers of Goat Alley were and the history behind Copperfaced Jack, the man after whom the famous night club is named.

The show ends by introducing a certain A Hitler who was regular sight around St Stephens Green in the early 20th century! 

You can find Frank’s excellent book St Stephen's Green: A History of the Green online and in all good bookshops

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