Three At The Back / Ep 51: Football is back and Messi moves on

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Episode notes

After 21 years, Leo Messi departs Barcelona amidst a financial black hole that leaves Barcelona in a precarious position. To discuss this and what it means for Spanish football as a whole, we're joined by Ruairidh Barlow (@RuriBarlow) to discuss what led to this moment, the future of Barcelona and how the La Liga landscape looks for everyone else following his departure (from 1hr 00)

Before that, the lads take a look at the return of the Premier League and cast an eye over Jack Grealish's move to City and why that could be good for Aston Villa, the Harry Kane situation and Spurs' quietly good transfer business, the Romelu Lukaku return to Chelsea and how that might work, and take a look at United, Liverpool and why Patrick Vieira might not be the man to take Crystal Palace's young guns forward.

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