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EX.678 Nastia

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"I'm curious about everything—this is my power." The Ukrainian DJ and label boss sits down to discuss her approach to building sets, growing as an artist, parenthood and more. Nastia calls herself a "true DJ." The Ukrainian artist first laid her hands on decks back in 2005 after moving from her small hometown and attending the University of Donetsk, in Ukraine. Beginning as a radio host at Kiss FM, where she curated a show called NECHTO—now the name of her eponymous label—she started actively touring, pursuing a career dedicated to the stage craft and nothing else. The artist concedes that she's reached greater heights as a DJ than most artists have with no productions under her belt. In this conversation recorded live at Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon, Nastia tells moderator Christine Kakaire about her decision to now turn her attention towards the studio at the apex of her career. She also discusses her idiosyncratic style of crafting sets, using each stage appearance as an opportunity to educate the audience about music and create a narrative expressive of her internal world. "I'll never be just a drum & bass DJ, or just a techno DJ," she says. "I'm curious about everything—this is my power. Among Nastia's reflections on music are her considerations of the war in Ukraine, parenthood as a touring DJ, self-development and more. Listen to the episode in full.