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Season 12 Episode 8- Pablo Torre, Steven Hyden

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Episode notes

Steve interviews Pablo Torre (00:12:43) from ESPN's Around the Horn and the ESPN Daily podcast. Pablo is on the show for the first time in a few years and he and Steve look back at their long history together. Pablo talks about transitioning from being a writer to working on Around the Horn and explains why he thinks the show has survived for 20 years. Pablo talks about his podcast, his show on ESPN digital, and admits that Yale is superior to Harvard in hockey. Pablo also talks about Aaron Judge, the MLB Playoffs, and the upcoming World Cup. Also, Steven Hyden (01:00:53) joins the show to discuss his new book about Pearl Jam. Hyden explains why he wrote the book and what he was trying to say about Pearl Jam. Steven talks about returning to the band after a while to see their show at Wrigley Field in 2013 and attending the famous "Yield" show in 2014. Steven also talks about his love for the Phoenix show in 2000, Footsteps, and his desire to see the band play Falling Down. The guys also talk about Pearl Jam's failed but valiant attempt to take down Ticketmaster, T and Vers, and the band's legacy. Steve starts the show talking about the Saints losing on a double-doink, the Braves winning another NL East title, and makes his predictions for the first round of the baseball playoffs. The book club has has a new book about soccer and two others. The show ends with one last thing about Italian-American Heritage month. For more information follow the podcast on twitter @sports_casters Email: [email protected]