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#508 — Matt Smith, Ruth Wilson

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Episode notes

The world has been waiting all week for an exclusive interview with someone called Smith, and this week's Empire Podcast doesn't disappoint, as Chris Hewitt sits down on Zoom with Morbius star Matt Smith, and they have a lovely natter about nicknames, horror movies, and Smith's desire to play Dracula, now that he's got his fangs into the whole vampire thang. (What, did you think we meant another Smith?) Our other guest this week is the wonderful Ruth Wilson, who speaks with Amon Warmann about her new movie, True Things, her ongoing crusade to keep a workbook, and her relationship with music. This interview was cut somewhat short due to technical issues, folks, so be prepared for a fairly abrupt ending. Then, in the podbooth, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara, James Dyer, and, making a rare in-person appearance, James 'Jaime Blanco' White, to discuss their favourite Bruce Willis movies, following the news of his decision to retire from acting due to health issues; review Morbius, True Things, and Judd Apatow's The Bubble; and talk about the week's movie news, including an extended segment on the Oscars and, of course, that unexpected Will Smith/Chris Rock interface. Get your hot takes here! Enjoy. TIMESTAMPS: Intro/Bruce Willis Discussion -- 0:00.00 - 27.05.00 Matt Smith Interview -- 27.06.00 - 44.32.866 Movie News -- 44.33.00 - 1:16:02 Ruth Wilson Interview -- 1:16:03 - 1:32:10 Reviews/Outro -- 1:32:11 - 1:59:14