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Unveiling the Cannabis Industry with Inessa Ponomariovaite of Nesa's Hemp Part 2

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Episode notes

In Part 2 of this eye-opening interview, Inesa Pomomariovaite, Founder & CEO of Nesa's Hemp takes a deep dive into the murky waters of the hemp industry. She exposes the unsettling methods used in CBD extraction, the manipulation of USDA organic certification, and the potentially harmful health risks posed by these practices. We also delve into the introduction of CBDa and its profound impact on the industry. From the distortion of information to the manipulation of lab results, we shed light on the dark underbelly of the CBD business.

Dr. mOe and Inesa also explore the healing potential of the hemp plant when grown and processed properly.

Join us as we challenge everything you thought you knew about CBD and the hemp industry.

Episode Chapters:

  1. (0:00:02) - CBD Industry: A discussion on the operations of the hemp industry and the unsettling secrets that come with it.
  2. (0:11:55) - CBDA's Potential in Herbal Plant Industry: A deep dive into the introduction of CBDa in the hemp industry and the implications of the opioid crisis.
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