The Penguin Podcast / Malcolm Gladwell with Sue Perkins

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Episode notes

Malcolm Gladwell (author of bestsellers such as ‘Blink’ and ‘Outliers’; staff writer for the New Yorker and podcaster) joins Sue Perkins to discuss his latest book ‘Talking to Strangers’ - which is bookended by the story of Sandra Bland, who tragically died in police custody and is one of many names in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Malcolm explains that Sandra’s story is part of wider problem in how we all misjudge the wants and needs of people we don’t know. Malcolm’s inspirational objects include the Janelle Monáe song ‘Hell You Talmbout’ and the ‘Friends’ theme-tune. #PenguinPodcast 'Talking to Strangers' is available to buy as an audiobook now - /  

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