The Angelos and Barry Show / Fire and Fury Live XXX Special

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Episode notes

They're back! Angelos Epithemiou and Barry from Watford return to your ears with a new series, kicking of with this SOLD OUT live potcast, recorded LIVE in London's 'glittering' West End, in front of Princess Margaret and an audience of newlweds, Welsh people and birthday celebrants. To get Season 2 of The Angelos and Barry Show hit Subscribe wherever you get your potcasts now. Twice if necessary, or thrice to be doubly sure. Tell your friends, rate and review it, share it with your life partner, trusted pastor, spiritual guide, financial ombudsman and friend. TELL THE WORLD - THEY'RE BACK! Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh A Playback Media Production Copyright 2018 Playback Media Ltd -