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Ep133 - Raising Films and Recent Films (w/So Mayer)

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Episode notes

In the latest episode, Dario talks to poet and activist So Mayer about their work on the recent Raising Films survey ‘How We Work Now’ about the impact of Covid-19 on those working in the screen industries whose lives also involve caring responsibilities of various shades. So and Dario discuss how vital this work is on its own terms but also as part of a broader landscape of rethinking how the film industry operates and who gets to participate.

Elsewhere there’s a deep dive into Celine Sciamma’s new film Petite Maman. There was due to be a whole episode dedicated to her latest masterwork but there were technical difficulties at the live taping at Cornwall Film Festival and the audio is unusable. We hope Neil and Dario’s deep chat about the pandemic, parent and child feelings and anxieties, makes up for that somewhat.

Then stick around for the bonus where Neil and Dario sink their teeth into some key recent 2021 releases such as Dune, The Card Counter and First Cow, as well as a wonderfully guilty pleasure.


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