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How To Be Strong On The Inside & Out #4 of 7 S's

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Research confirms unequivocally that strength is more important than cardio fitness and flexibility for your longevity and quality of life. It turns out that being 'strong' is super important not just to your body but also to your mind. In this episode we continue the series of the 7 S's as we cover the topic of STRENGTH. We explain the correlation between your genotype and the best way for you to get STRONG. Tune in to this episode where Sam Makhoul and Dr Scott Wustenberg take us through why it is so important to focus on your strength, how this S plays an important role in your survival and the most important question you are probably asking yourself: HOW do i get strong? What you will learn: •Strong people live longer •The role that strength plays in your survival •Why it't important to be strong •Why exercise needs to be purposeful •When you should exercise Short for time? Skip ahead using the below timestamps: 01:14 - How the 7 S's are interrelated 01:41 - Meet Dr scott Wustenberg 03:09 - Strong people live the longest 03:40 - How tolerant is your mind 04:13 - Starting an exercise program 06:21 - Benefits of training with a partner 06:46 - Why it's important to be strong 10:44 - The recruitment of your. muscle cells 15:54 - Exercise needs to be purposeful 16:59 - Guarantee your survival 17:34 - Reaching a plateau and then what to do 19:01 - How you discover what your body likes 21:11 - Can exercise be bad for you? 24:22 - When should you exercise? 26:26 - Grip strength and longevity 29:12 - Muscle patterns and what they mean to you 30:54 - What's the easiest way to get in 20 minutes of exercise? 37:10 - What's running actually good for? 39:08 - Where you can find Dr Scott Wustenberg Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newly released podcasts straight to your inbox. Sign up here.