A Higher Branch

How Trauma Invades The Garden Of Your Subconscious

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Episode notes

​There is a lot of emotions from your childhood that is stored in your subconscious mind that can affect you physical and mental health in your adult years. In this episode we welcome back the intriguing conversation between Sam Makhoul and Lyn Macpherson on how hypnotherapy can heal those emotions. You will learn: •The affects childhood trauma has on you now •The comfort of a good hypnotherapist •Why you need to want to make a change •This treatment is no 'fit for all' •How your addictions now can be part of something so much bigger Short for time? Skip ahead using the below timestamps: 03:00 - Relationships 04:55 - Lack of connection is increasing 06:21 - Intimacy without connection 09:56 - Do you need trauma before getting hypnotherapy? 12:45 - Working at the unconscious level 15:02 - Couples therapy vs Hypnotherapy 22:57 - Releasing the trauma 27:48 - You need to want change 31:51 - There is no 'fit for all' treatment 38:03 - Why Lyn loves her 'job' 38:39 - How Lyn balances her life Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newly released podcasts straight to your inbox. Sign up here.