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Why We Need To Sleep More #3 of 7 S's

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Episode notes

Could sleep potentially be the most important S of the series? it is very high up there. Why? Because it plays a pivotal role in all aspects of your physical health and more importantly your emotional wellbeing. Good quality sleep boosts energy, improve gut health, makes you smarter, live longer, look younger and decimates anxiety! Join us on this episode while Sam Makhoul and Dr Scott Wustenberg take us through why sleep is essential, the damaging impacts of not sleeping well and the practical tips on what we can do to get a better nights sleep. What you will learn: •The different stages of sleep •The damaging effects of fragmented sleep •Why you snore and the impact it has on your life... and your partners •The importance of sleep on the detox pathways of your mind and body •How to get the best sleep. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newly released podcasts straight to your inbox. Sign up here.