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Your Toolkit To Combat Stress Part 2 #7 of 7 S's

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Episode notes

And just like that... you now have all the 7 pillars to building a beautiful, healthy life. Today Sam Makhoul and Dr Scott Wustenberg finalise the series on the 7 S's with part 2 on stress. Stress can play a huge part in your life whether that be acute or chronic. But the impact of stress is reversible as you will find out in this episode. You will learn: •The difference between acute and chronic stress •How stress can impact your body •How people can get addicted to stress-related hormones •The importance of cutting toxic people from your life •How to combat stress with a 3 step plan •and so much more Short for time? Skip ahead using the below timestamps: 03:42 - What this episode will cover 04:20 - Can people be addicted to stress 06:50 - Stress response and resilience is learned behaviour 07:21 - Stress can be reversed 08:06 - Chronic stress 10:59 - Direct trauma 18:08 - Examples of stress to avoid 26:49 - Is sitting too long stressful on the body? 28:57 - Your stress toolkit 37:55 - Medicine for stress Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newly released podcasts straight to your inbox. Sign up here.