A Whole New Ballgame / Toby Jenkins

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Episode notes

We spend time with Australian & Olympic Water Polo player Toby Jenkins in this episode of A Whole New Ballgame

If you're like me, your knowledge of the sport is likely limited to the infamous 'Blood in the Water' match from the '56 Melbourne Olympics, so it was great to get an insight into what the game is really like, and Australia's proud history in it.

Since retirement, Toby has founded successful businesses Bluewire Media and more recently North, has become a published author and shared his knowledge across over 150 podcasts . 🙌

It's fair to say that he is a man addicted to high performance and has made it his business to help others achieve the best version of themselves.

Be sure to check it out and follow Toby's adventures on Insta HERE. 

Enjoy the chat. 🎙🤽🏻‍♂️