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About Abroad | Wanderlust, long term travel with children, and solving new-normal challenges, with the Founder of Work From Anywhere 

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Today’s guest is John Lee, founder of Work From Anywhere, and a world traveler that managed to leverage a career in accounting, to quench his travel thirst. John is a father of three who has traveled to more than 60 countries, speaks 6 languages, and has founded two different travel apps, including one that earned Best Travel App of the year. He’s currently trying to solve a real problem facing the growing number of remote workers who are working from anywhere - international tax compliance. Chase and John touch on this challenge, but spend most of their time nerding out on their love for intercultural exchange, living abroad with kids, and the education one receives from spending time immersed in foreign lands.

You can learn more about Work From Anywhere wfa.team/ on Twitter /AnywhereTeam and follow on Linkedin linkedin.com/company/the-work-from-anywhere-team/

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