Activity Quest / London Transport Museum, Pick Your Own and chilling on the farm

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Episode notes

Activity Quest is all about getting out and about this summer, whatever the weather! In this episode: 

  • Bex visits the London Transport Museum's depot in Acton to find out all about trains, busses and other forms of transport. 
  • Sean tells us about a maize maze in Worcestershire, an island retreat owned by the National Trust in Poole and suggests an activity that might help you cool off in hot weather.
  • George suggests something to do at home – why not try making your own travel magazine by cutting up or printing out some photos and making some mock reviews?
  • Anna Louise talks to Amelia from Millets Farm in Oxfordshire all about Pick Your Own (PYO) which is open now, gives us some top fruit picking tips, and talks a little more about the animals.
  • Then we're off to Anna's own farm to answer a question from Ava: how do you keep the animals cool in hot weather?

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