Age of Plastic

How much plastic? Periods and plastic with DAME

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Do we really realise how much plastic is involved with periods?

Find out more with Celia Pool, Co-Founder of DAME, Award-winning effective period care free from single-use plastic.

DAME Giveaway Terms & Conditions

 This giveaway features two deliveries of 34 DAME organic tampons, 68 tampons in total, with the average person using 8-10 tampons per period, according to an average from Statista

·         Each delivery costs £1, and a new subscriber will receive their first delivery within a week and their second delivery three months after - the offer is limited to one order per household

·         The giveaway ends on Sunday 31st July (depending on stock availability) - to continue with the subscription after the first free six months, subscribers will be charged £7.99 per delivery

·         Subscribers should pick the absorbency needed. It can easily be paused, skipped or cancelled from subscribers’ personal account portal, where they can also view past orders

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