Age of Plastic / One Simple Change with Bambuu Brush

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Episode notes

Today’s guest is a big fan of Bamboo! Tommie Eaton from Bambuu Brush has been on some pretty enviable travels as he and Rebecca Dudbridge worked their way around the world! They decided to raise awareness of the the plastic pollution they were seeing to their social media following and that led to their main product - almost the emblem for the eco products available - Bamboo toothbrush - launched in Feb 2019 - selling bamboo toothbrushes in over 48 countries. They raise awareness of plastic pollution and donate to charity, and they’ve even teamed up with big names to provide their brushes to holidayers travelling with Tui as well as Virgin Atlantic passengers - they’ve even made a documentary and were due to have links to the Olympics 2020! Find out more at Rob Hopkins Podcast Planta App