Age of Plastic / Plastic Alternatives with Sam from WiseSip

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Episode notes

Hello! This episode was recorded two weeks ago and is slightly delayed as me and the guest felt we didn’t want to put it out whilst the discussions was about the Black Lives Matter movement. When I started the podcast I wanted to showcase a diverse range of voices and I feel like I have failed, but I will do better. Below are some black climate activists and voices I recommend you follow and I would love to hear yours too! Right - today’s guest - we’ve spoken to lots of campaigners and businesses and charities all on a sustainable journey, and today’s guest is very much at the start of theirs. Sam Theakston has set up 'Wisesip' company who make re usable products and that want to spread the word about becoming plastic free! They use plenty of alternatives from glass to hemp! Find out what Wisesip is all about - and hear me discover how the hell cork is made!... Climate and sustainability voices recommended for you Aja Barber Mari Copeny aka Little Miss Flint Marine Biologist Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Here is her article on the links between climate change and racism Mikaela Loach Isra Hirsi Also check out the @RealHotTake Podcast and newsletter by @AmyWestervelt @MaryHeglar