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E46: Catherine of Aragon

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Episode notes

Dr Emma Cahill Marron joins Deb in an intriguing discussion of Catherine of Aragon as you've never imagined her. Catherine, born to be a queen, was also a patron of the arts and culture. Dr Cahill brings Catherine of Aragon alive in the discussion. Dr Cahill Marron is an art and cultural historian. Over the last decade, she has published extensively about the cultural and artistic relations between the Tudor dynasty and the Spanish Monarch. Her study showed that as Queen of England, she was a patron of the arts that played a pivotal role in the introduction of Renaissance and Humanism into the court she presided over.  Dr Cahill Marron is currently developing research linking female patrons and women artists in Tudor England that aims to show the continuity in this practice between Queen Catherine and her daughter Queen Mary I. 

Twitter: @EmmaLCahill

Production by Rokkwood Audio, U.K. This episode was produced by Ben Williams. Music developed by Rokkwood Audio. Cover art by The Happy Colour Studio, U.K. 

Written by Deb Hunter and Dr Cahill Marron.

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