American Refugee

Episode 12 - Death On The Borderlands

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Episode notes

To circumvent the final and busiest immigration checkpoint in Texas, Central American migrants illegally crossing into the United States go on a 20-mile walk through backcountry brush..

And every night at least one migrant dies attempting to make this 20-mile walk across the merciless terrain of Brooks County, Texas.

They die of dehydration. They die because they are weak, confused, lost and thirsty. They die because death is here.

But one man is fighting death. In the borderlands, Eddie Canales is putting out water stations for migrants to drink and survive the deadly crossing.

And when you hear the horrifying story behind today’s humanitarian crisis, you just might think it an all-too-real indicator of a death that very soon may be coming for you.

This is American Refugee.

Eddie Canales, South Texas Human Rights Center

Sheriff Benny Martinez, Brooks County Sheriff's Department

Dr. Kate Spradley, Department of Anthropology, Texas State University

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, 15th District Texas, U.S.. House of Representatives

Matt Lohmeier, San Antonio Region Justice For Our Neighbors

Written, Engineered & Produced: Sam Graber

Music: Ryini Beats

Recorded: Brooks County, Texas; Minneapolis, MN

Original Release: March 2021