161. he Next Gold Rush: The Future of Investing in People. w/ Ethan Turer

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Episode notes

Ethan Turer graduated from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo where he studied business entrepreneurship. Throughout his life, Ethan has been drawn to innovative and groundbreaking ideas. This curiosity led him to explore Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). From there, he became fascinated with the potential of blockchain technology. Ethan went down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole… and came out with a book: The Next Gold Rush: The Future of Investing in People. An author, podcast host, and entrepreneur; Ethan has been driven to follow his passions and curiosities. This has led him to believe in the value of people and the power that cryptocurrency can bring to not only their own lives but to all of humanity.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:37] Introduction about Ethan Turer.

● [04:23] 1st experience with Crypto?

● [07:30] Discussion about Artificial Intelligence?

● [08:50] Decentralized and Centralized Crypto?

● [09:42] Future of Crypto Currency?

● [15:33] How technology helps humanity?

● [20:58] Non Fungible Tokens?

● [23:44] Revain coin?

● [28:00] Bitcoin cycle?

● [30:02] Interest in different types of projects?

● [41:02] Social values?

● [48:25] Reason of not Investing in Ethereum?

● [58:26] Where to find Ethan Turer books?

● [58:57] One thing on your bucket list?

● [01:00:15] Have you ever weird Uber experience?

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