162. Sydney Scotia Frank and Penelope

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Episode notes

Sydney Scotia started her acting career as a child actress. Scotia played in various commercials and short films. In 2014, she landed her first major role in the Canadian children series Some Assembly Required, where she played Geneva Hayes. For this role, she received the Joey Award for a best young actress in a lead role in a comedy series for two consecutive years (2014, 2015),] as well as a 2016 LEO award nomination. In the same year, she guest-starred in The Haunted Thundermans, a crossover between The Haunted Hathaways and The Thundermans. In 2018, Scotia appeared in the main role on the television series ReBoot: The Guardian Code.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:19] Introduction about Sydney Scotia.

● [04:19] Difference of Life style?

● [06:00] How you decided to start acting/dancing?

● [10:04] How Pandemic affected you career?

● [16:32] Moving to LA?

● [18:00] Frank and Penelope?

● [27:41] Dynamics of working with Kevin Dillion?

● [33:55] How Director conveys his vision?

● [36:34] Sydney Scotia own projects?

● [42:17] Do you have a guilty pleasure?

● [45:15] Life Hack?

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