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Episode notes

Elma Begovic is an actress and producer, known for Undone (2019), Performance Anxiety (2021), and Bite (2015). She is also mainly known for being one of the best actors in the horror genre.

Elma Begovic was born on the 6th of June, 1989 in Bijeljina, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Her debut as an actress was in the movie “Money” which was released in 2010. Here, she played the role of Toni.

She has won and been nominated for various awards for her exceptional works. She has won awards such as Molins Film Festival, Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival, and more for her work in the movie “Bite”.

She is known for her works in TV series and films like Tear Us Apart, You Got Trumped: The First 100 Days, Save Yourself, and Lariat, to mention a few. She is also the writer as well as the executive producer of the short film “Undone” which was released in 2019. Throughout her career, she has worked with actors and actresses such as Annette Wozniak, Michael Lipa, Sean Ballantyne, and many more.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:23] Introduction about Elma Begovic.

● [03:22] Is there is any personal Inspiration drawn to make this film?

● [06:08] How was she smuggled out of the country?

● [07:05] How do you cope with the situation emotionally?

● [10:00] Elma Begovic Production Company?

● [13:37] Film School?

● [15:12] What does Elma Begovic love about the comedy?

● [20:02] How do shorts normally work?

● [22:20] Goal of the short film?

● [25:34] What Inspired you to become an actor?

● [29:11] Toronto Filming Arena vs LA Filming Arena?

● [36:15] I never lived in the house, why?

● [38:50] Networking has become a virtual space?

● [48:48] What is the worst thing a stranger ever done for you?

● [50:56] If you try out a Job for a day, which Job do you choose?

● [54:56] Do you and your twin sister have same taste in general?

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