Anthems / Introducing: Broccoli Book Club

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Episode notes

Hi Anthems listeners, here's a podcast we think you'll love; it's called Broccoli Book Club. Hosted by multimedia journalist Diyora Shadijanova.

Broccoli Book Club is a ‘real book club’ but within a podcast format. Listeners can follow along month by month where we'll be discussing literature which pushes for inquisitive and forward thinking minds to familiarise themselves with topics they don't usually learn about.

The podcast is split in two parts - part one is a group discussion of the book of the month with host Diyora, a member of the Broccoli Team and an esteemed book reader. Part two is an interview with the celebrated author of the book of the month.

Why not kick off that reading habit you've always wanted to. Join in the conversation by sending in your thoughts, comments and reflections to [email protected] and via our social media @broccolicontent #BroccoliBookClub